There was a time in Nairobi when owning a good quality home within the city and at a reasonable price was not just a luxury for the super-rich. A middle-income individual could support his or her family and even manage to save up for a home within their lifetime. Today the idea of owning a home without driving more than 20 kilometres away from the CBD seems like a dream that is only reserved for the ultra rich.

Affordable housing and low-cost housing have now become the only options for those of us who are not part of the top 1%. These two terms have been used a lot recent times and while they seem to have the same meaning, they are in fact different. Affordable housing is developed for tenants that have three to four times the rent amount in income. This means that the rent they are paying is affordable to them. Low-cost or low-income housing is developed for tenants that barely have two times the rent in income. The rent they pay is not considered “affordable” to the tenants but it is what they can afford.

The Riruta Gardens Project is Kenya’s best quality affordable housing project. Located near the junction where Naivasha road and Kikuyu road meet and only a ten-minute drive from Junction Mall. Each unit comes with several features not found in typical affordable housing units such as:

1. Fitted kitchens

2. Security panel doors

3. Aluminium windows

4. Power back up

5. Children’s playground & recreational centre

The project’s first phase (of a total of four) will be completed in February 2019. When complete the project will comprise of over 2000 units ranging from studio apartments to 3 bedroom units! With units starting for as little as Ksh 1.7 Million it’s Kenya’s truly most affordable quality housing project.

For more info please visit our website or call us on 0796 896 380.