1. How is your development an affordable housing project? Because we are among the forerunners in the sector & we are under an 8 M unit purchase price for housing
  2. Where is the site located?Riruta Gardens is located along Kikuyu road just 400 meters off from Naivasha road. The project sits on 5 acres. [SEE MAP]
  3. How can I find out the Rental Return for an apartment in Riruta Gardens?The Rental Returns are included in the Riruta Gardens Information Packet [DOWNLOAD HERE].
  4. How long will the construction for Phase 1 take?Phase 1 is estimated at 20-24 months from groundbreaking. We aim to hand over the keys in First Quarter, 2020.
  5. Can I use my own financier? Yes you can, all clients are advised to use their own mortgage financiers at this time.
  6. Do you have a project financier? We have several financiers coming on board.
  7. Can i meet the developer and contractor? Yes you can, our team is open to discussing with its clients in further detail about the development.
  8. Do i get a discount if i buy more than 1 apartment? For clients taking up more that 5+ units, there is a set price that is discounted.
  9. Is there an extra cost for the kitchen fittings that come with the house (fridge, microwave & two-burner)? NO, the extra fittings are at no extra cost both in the purchase price or after handing over. They will be installed in the apartments.
  10. Can i make my payments for a longer period i.e up to 3-4 years? Periodic payments are spread out over the construction period unto December 2019
  11. Is the development on a leasehold or freehold ownership? The land is under leasehold for period of 99 years from June 2017 and every purchaser will have a shareholding on the lease.
  12. Will there be a borehole for water? Yes, there will be two boreholes to service the development.
  13. What is MPM Ltd to Riruta Gardens Ltd? MPM Ltd is a management company outsourced by Riruta Gardens as a selling agent and the interim management company after completion of the project
  14. What is the service charge amount & what will it be used for? The service charge is Kshs 10 per Sq Ft (standard across all units) and will be used for; security, garbage collection, cleaning, generator & borehole servicing, communal water & electricity bills among others
  15. What other costs come with purchasing the units? These are: Stamp duty paid to the government, Legal & Registration fees, Transfer of reversionary interest, Registration disbursements & management company costs. (All payments are only ONCE OFF)
  16. Why do we pay your lawyer? It is our lawyer’s responsibility to ensure that all registrations and legal transactions are taken care of on behalf of our clients 
  17. Have you done any other projects before? Yes, we have been involved in: Greenspan estate (Embakasi), Phenom Park (Langata), Kencom Sacco Homes (Runda), Oyster Pearl (General Mathenge), Five Star Meadows (Kiambu)